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Art for Social Change

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Art for Social Change
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A belief in cultural and creative expression as a means to affect deep and lasting social change.
Through art, we can challenge many of our society's deepest assumptions, built upon the power of artistic creation and expression to:

1.spark new ideas
2.catalyze critical thinking
3.elicit new actions
4.inspire individuals
5.and create visions

Art becomes a political act, a conscious effort to facilitate and participate in social change. If we want respect, love and beauty among us and others, we must actively promote it through our art.

Art for Social Change was initiated by Rini Hartman. As any-media artist he worked for many years on the cutting edge of new media, art and idealism.

Working and traveling in Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya and Sierra Leone awakened his deep respect for indigenous cultures, life and the entire organism of living nature, of which we all are part.

At the same time he was aware that rational stories are not enough to change peoples minds, attitudes and behavior. That’s where art & popular culture came into the spotlight. To touch people on deeper levels of consciousness.

Art for Social Change is part of DigiCare Foundation and is based in the Netherlands.

This site shows different ways of using art, which may inspire you.

Explore this site and feel free to make contact.

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