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Burundi Photo Collection

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Burundi Photo Collection

Burundi's struggle for peace is remarkable in and of itself and in comparison with so many failed peacebuilding attempts. Peace has not been fully attained yet, but it has progressed more than anyone predicted or dared hope years ago. The country - the world's 3rd poorest - and its 7 million people deserve MUCH more attention than it gets by donor countries, media and scholars. Burundi is a positive story out of Africa! TFF has worked there, on and off, since 1999. We would also like to make another contribution, even if small, to making Burundi better known worldwide and, thereby, help it attract more aid and assistance. There are general development needs in all sectors, education in particular. And there are very many starving people in this country that has no raw materials or strategic position of interest to major countries. Wonders could be made here if there were more generosity and altruism in the world... I would like, therefore, to point your attention to what I believe is one of the larger collections of photos from the country that I have taken over the years. Photo document rehabilitation of street children, youth center for peace, and "House of Peace" initiatives to implement the peace accords.

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